This Country’s WW2 Defeat Changed What Everyone Knew About the World

Military History

The British troops were trapped inside Singapore city. The Japanese had left them without water or supplies, and after 70 days of intense persecution across the Malayan Peninsula, the defenders were exhausted. Lieutenant-General Arthur Percival was at a crossroads. Although Prime Minister Winston Churchill had mandated that the colony be defended to the last man, Percival ’s forces were overwhelmed, and the Commander had to avoid further losses. Forced to capitulate, Percival met with Japanese leader Lieutenant-General Tomoyuki Yamashita. The invaders asked for unconditional surrender, but Percival demanded better conditions for his soldiers. Yamashita was furious and smashed his fist on the table. His conditions were non-negotiable, as he couldn’t risk letting the British know about a secret that could turn the odds in their favor…

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