Germany had to Win Right Here or They Were Definitely Doomed

Military History

The Seelow Heights area was crucial in Germany’s last effort to repel its enemies. If the defensive line was pierced, the gates of Berlin would be open for the Soviet Army to seize the heart of the crumbling Third Reich. As such, more than one million Red Army soldiers were repeatedly pushed back by a relentless German force that was underequipped, underfed, and, most importantly, outnumbered 10 to 1. The heart and soul of this genius defense was General Hasso Baron von Manteuffel, a seasoned World War 1 veteran whose leadership proved decisive in defying the waves of Soviets sent to strike down the Germans. Under intense artillery barrages, tank columns of over 50 T34 tanks, and the diminishing morale of his troops, Manteuffel was prepared to give his life for the Reich until support came to relieve his men… if it ever came.

Credit Dark Docs

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