Kiev Denies Downing Khinzhal, Downs Own TB-2 Drone + Russia Plans Slow Grind After Ukraine Offensive

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for May 8, 2023…

– Russia adds FAB-250 bombs to its arsenal of precision-guided glide bombs. More FAB-250s can be carried per sourtie and can glide up to 80km, twice the distance as the current, larger glide bombs Russia is using;

– Ukraine shot down one of its Turkish-built Bayraktar TB-2 drones over Kiev after allegedly losing control of it;

– Ukraine’s Air Force spokesman denied claims that Ukrainian air defense forces downed a Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile. Despite denying the incident, the Western media continues writing articles about the “downing” of the missile;

– PMC Wagner has nearly total control over the Donbass city of Bakhmut. Wagner head Prigozhin has aired differences with the Russian Ministry of Defense publicly in a manner inconsistent with military protocol and discipline;

– Russian commanders have said that after weathering the Ukrainian offensive, they will continue grinding down Ukrainian troops in the same incremental manner they have been throughout the special military operation;

– CNN admits Ukrainian HIMARS are being jammed by Russian electronic warfare, diminishing their effectiveness on the battlefield;

– The EU’s plan to produce “1 million” 155mm artillery rounds per year is still under discussion, when implemented it may take several years to reach the desired output similar to US efforts to expand shell production;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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