Zelensky’s ‘Covid-22’ Jibe At Putin – Macron To Send Heavy Weapons To Kyiv

Ukraine War

Intense fighting continues in the key Donbas city of Severodonetsk on Day 107 of the war. Ukrainian troops claim they made some advances in the fierce street fighting that is underway in Severodonetsk. The Ukrainian army says Kyiv’s forces continue to frustrate Russian attempts to capture Severodonetsk.

In his nightly address, Ukrainian President Zelensky said that cities in Donbas are holding up despite Russian aggression. Zelensky has compared Russia’s invasion to Covid and described weapons and sanctions as a vaccine. According to a US military source, Ukraine has depleted its Soviet weaponry and is now dependent on allies for arms. French President Emmanuel Macron has told Zelensky that his country will deliver more heavy weaponry to Ukraine. Russia has lost two more colonels in Ukraine, including one of Russia’s youngest to reach such a high rank. Putin drew a parallel between Peter the Great’s conquests and his invasion of Ukraine. Kremlin Spokesperson Dimtry Peskov said that it is “impossible to isolate Russia” from the world.

Credit CRUX