Why Ukraine’s Defence Strategy For Kyiv May Not Be Enough To Deter Putin’s Forces In Donbas

Ukraine War

Ukraine’s success in thwarting Russia’s plans to take Kyiv in the initial part of the invasion has been lauded by analysts. After nearly 40 days of intense fighting, Russian troops had withdrawn from Kyiv and other nearby regions. However, experts warn that the same kinds of strategies may not help Ukraine fend off the Russian onslaught in Donbas. A combination of static defence forces and roaming groups of infantry were key to Ukraine’s successful defence of Kyiv against Russian invaders. While static defence forces held strongpoints that centred on urban and other key terrain, light infantry roamed the gaps between these strongpoints. Initially, Russian commanders pushed tanks and other infantry groups towards Ukraine’s strongpoints. However, applying this tactic across the many miles between the Russian staging points and Kyiv required deft logistics.

Credit CRUX

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