What Killed The Most US Bombers in WW2? German Fighters vs Flak

What Killed The Most US Bombers

Fighters and Flak (Anti-Aircraft Artillery) were both used by Germany to shoot down Allied Bombers like the B-17, B-24 and Lancaster. However, which one was more successful? The answer is not that straightforward, so let’s have a detailed look.

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– Timecodes –
00:00 – Flak vs Fighters
00:18 – Community Support
01:34 – Aim of Videos
02:14 – FLAK! (AA-Defenses)
05:33 – Fighters
08:29 – Flak vs Fighters
13:31 – Cost-Benefit
17:12 – Balancing Capabilities
18:35 – Bonus Questions

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Music and Sfx from Epidemic Sound
Credit to : Military Aviation History

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