Flak Towers: Effective or not?

Flak Towers: Effective or not?

In World War 2 Germany constructed several “Flak Türme” or in English Flak Towers. There were located in 3 cities, namely, Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. Many of them actually survived up to this day, because they were usually too difficult to destroy. For instance, in Vienna all 6 are still standing and they were also the most modern ones.

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» Stukabook – Doctrine of the German Dive-Bomber – http://stukabook.com
» The Assault Platoon of the Grenadier-Company November 1944 (StG 44) – http://sturmzug.com
» Army Regulation Medium Panzer Company 1941 – http://www.hdv470-7.com
» Achtung Panzer? Zur Panzerwaffe der Wehrmacht – http://panzerkonferenz.de

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Sakkers Widmann, Hans Elmar: Flaktürme – Wien – Hamburg – Berlin

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Das Deutsche Reich und der Zweite Weltkrieg – Band 7: Das Deutsche Reich in der Defensive. Strategischer Luftkrieg in Europa, Krieg im Westen und in Ostasien 1943-1944/1945

Wille, Valentin E.: Die Flaktürme in Wien, Berlin und Hamburg: Geschichte, Bedeutung und Neunutzung

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