What is Russia doing on this Secret Military Island in Finland?

Secret Military Island

Pictured: Finland’s Sakkiluoto Island as seen from Google Earth… 9 piers and a (highlighted) helipad mysteriously purchased by a Russian oligarchic with deep military connections.
On September 22nd, 2018, Finnish retiree Leo Gastgivar was outside working in his garden on the tiny island in an archipelago between Finland and Sweden where he lived. Suddenly, his peaceful afternoon was interrupted by a most unusual presence. Gastgivar noticed two black speedboats packed with Finnish commandos in camouflage fatigues waiting in the bay short of his front door.
Awkward greetings were exchanged, as Gastgivar remained utterly at a loss as to what this somewhat sinister military presence signified for his peaceful island life. Seemingly satisfied with whatever they were observing, the commandos began to reverse their boats and continue onward. Gastgivar went inside his home, collected a pair of binoculars and watched in amazement as the commandos raced off toward another tiny island belonging to his nearest neighbor, a mysterious Russian businessman he had never met or even seen.
Mr. Gastgivar was certainly unnerved by the spectacle. He would later recall: “I thought: ‘Wow! That is certainly unusual,’” “Nobody ever visits that place…”
Credit to : Dark Docs