66 F- 16s – To Be Sold to Taiwan By U.S!

F16s – To Be Sold

The Trump administration has approved the sale of 66 F-16 fighters to Taiwan.
The approval of the sale comes as the U.S and China are embroiled in bitterly fought trade negotiations.
As per state department, Taiwan will get the latest version of the Lockheed Martin-built fighter, the F-16 Block 70.
The deal is expected to be of around $8 billion.
Taiwan wanted to have the jets amid increasing Chinese military incursions into its air space.
The move is expected to greatly enhance the air power of Taiwan and invoked strong reactions from Beijing.
It is important to note that Taiwan already has a fleet of old-model F-16s acquired in 1992 and these have gone through several upgrades.
In this video Defense Updates reports on the American decision to the sale of 66 F-16 fighters to Taiwan.
Let’s get started.

Credit to : Defense Updates

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