WHAT Happened to the Navy’s Zumwalt Destroyer?

US Navy’s USS Zumwalt Destroyer

This is the US Navy’s USS Zumwalt destroyer. The project has quickly become too expensive for the Navy to justify before Congress, already crossing more than $22 billion dollars by 2008 with billions more expenses in sight. As a result, the Department of the Navy stated that they didn’t even want the Zumwalt anymore. They diverted the funds to instead buy more conventional designs like the Arleigh Burke-class that the Navy has operated since the 1990s. That’s why I have a soft spot in my heart for the Zumwalt because I too know what it’s like to be rejected and underappreciated. We’ve all been the navy’s Zumwalt at one point in our lives.

She was supposed to be the US Navy’s destroyer of the future. Instead she was canceled after only 3 ships were built out of a planned 32. The three remaining ships have been in a state of limbo: with no real mission capabilities or purpose like the sad anon of the navy. The entire development story is a rollercoaster of changing priorities over several decades. But fear not the Zumwalt might get the last laugh because in 2023 it will become the first US navy ship to install new hypersonic missiles. Can the navy still salvage the Zumwalt concept? I’m your average infantryman @cappyarmy on instagram lets find out.

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Credit to : Task & Purpose

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