Is the Navy’s $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier Obsolete?

U.S. Navy’s Gerald R. Ford Class Aircraft Carrier

The U.S. Navy’s Gerald R. Ford Class aircraft carrier is the largest and most expensive naval ship-building project in the world maybe in history. It took 13 years and $13.3 billion to build the first of its class CVN 78 (also named) Gerald R. Ford. For context It was 6 times faster and cheaper to construct noah’s ark This massive investment in time and taxpayer funding naturally turned the Ford into a magnet for criticism and doubt from reddit commenters to military experts themselves. Its price tag and size prompts the question: Is this aircraft carrier worth the money? In this video I am going to show you both sides of the argument, and by the end I guarantee you’ll understand why the Navy believes aircraft carriers are not obsolete.

This is Newport News Shipbuilding. It’s only a few minutes drive north of Virginia Beach. Newport News Shipbuilding is the only shipyard in America that is able to build aircraft carriers. Visit it on google maps right now, and you can see two of the new Ford-class Carriers under construction at the pier. These are most likely the John F. Kennedy and the Enterprise, scheduled for commissioning in 2025 and 2028 each costing around $9 billion bucks to build. In response to the high cost, the U.S. Navy asserts that 600 fewer required crew members and less required maintenance will save the DoD an estimated $4 billion in operating costs over each carrier’s 50-year lifespan. But… Justifying a $13 billion project that could save $4 billion in future costs is like telling your wife you need to buy that red lambo to save money on bus tickets.

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