US to Send Patriot Missiles to Ukraine, CNN Says…

Patriot Air Defense Missile System to Ukraine

CNN is claiming Washington may finalize plans to send the Patriot air defense missile system to Ukraine. However, what CNN doesn’t say is just as important:

– The US says it will send the missiles in days after the decision is made;
– It takes MONTHS to train crews to operate the Patriot missile system;
– NATO personnel will likely operate the missile system posing as Ukrainians;
– The Patriot missile system is suffering a global missile shortage;
– Lockheed will double missile production but it will take years to do so;
– Both current and future production numbers CANNOT match the number of cruise missiles alone Russia is producing per month;
– Russia is also using Iskander missiles, Geran-2 drones, as well as a number of inert decoys which will place even more pressure on Ukrainian air defenses;
– The performance of Patriot missile systems in Saudi Arabia has been poor;
– Patriot missiles will face more sophisticated and more numerous threats in Ukraine than in Saudi Arabia;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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