Units of History – Rise of Napoleon’s Old Guard (1789-1803) (Part 1) DOCUMENTARY

Units of History – Rise of Napoleon’s Old Guard (1789-1803) (Part 1) DOCUMENTARY

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In this history documentary series we will seek to explore thr rise and fall of Napoleon’s most elite soldiers, the Old Guard. Part 1 begins with their origins in the guard institutions of the French Monarchy and the units which arose in the following period of the French Revolution. We see the pivotal role that these early soldiers played in securing Napoleon’s rise to power and how they would eventually transform into the most elite corp of the Grand Armee of the French Empire. Specifically we will be taking a look at the origins and equipment of these early Old Guard forces before turning to their preliminary service history from Marengo to Boulogne. We will later be covering the Campaigns of the Third and Fourth Coalitions with the contributions of the Guard to the Battle of Austerlitz, the Battle of Waterloo, and more.

00:00 Intro
02:16 Origins
03:43 Guards of the Republic
06:46 Rise of Napoleon
10:23 Imperial Guard
12:01 Equipment
15:51 Weapons
19:55 Battle of Marengo
21:29 Outro

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Credit to : Invicta

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