America’s New Abrams-X Tank Needs to Chill Out

America’s New Abrams-X Tank Needs to Chill Out

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Earlier this month General Dynamics released footage of their brand new US Army Abrams X prototype that promises to completely change armored fighting doctrine.
We’re now seeing many of the seemingly failed ideas from the scrapped Future Combat Systems program are actually getting resurrected. For instance the General Dynamics Abrams X prototype footage reveals that it’s using the XM360 lightweight 120mm cannon with a ported muzzle break that was originally designed for the FCS program in 2005. It only weighs 4,100 lbs, nearly half the weight of the old 6800 lbs M256 cannon. Benet Labs developed the cannon at their location in Watervliet Arsenal in upstate New York. See I don’t just mispronounce foreign towns.

Benet Labs is the US Army’s primary design, development, engineering and production facility for large caliber armament systems since 1887 when the arsenal was founded.
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