“There’s an Alliance that is critical to stay with Ukraine…” Biden Exposes EU-NATO Rift over Russia

Ukraine War

During a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, US President Joe Biden was asked by a Ukrainian reporter if the US would provide Ukraine with the weapons it needs to defeat Russia. The reporter mentioned that the Patriot missile systems, which were previously considered too “escalatory,” are now being provided to Ukraine, as well as other advanced equipment such as ATACMS that could help Ukraine regain control of occupied land. Biden emphasized that the US has already given Ukraine over $20 billion in security assistance since Russia’s invasion in February and that Ukraine’s success in pushing back Russia depends on the support of NATO and EU allies as well. He stated that while the US will provide Ukraine with the resources it needs to defend itself and succeed on the battlefield, doing so in a way that diverges from the support of NATO and the EU could potentially cause the alliance to break apart.

Credit CRUX