Fiona Hill warns of renewed Russian assault on Kyiv | Conflict Zone

Geo Politics

Former Trump Administration National Security Council Russia expert, Fiona Hill, says Vladimir Putin is as determined as ever to conquer Ukraine on his own terms and that he may see reports of Russia’s battlefield losses only as Western propaganda and disinformation. Hill told DW’s Sarah Kelly that Putin had not changed his goals of defeating Ukraine and that another ground offensive, including against the capital Kyiv is possible—even if Russian casualties continue to mount. The former top White House expert on Russia said that Putin has still “got his sights on the capitulation of Ukraine, one way or another … if he thinks having another go at Kyiv would be successful, then he will certainly try that.” Hill, who testified during Donald Trump’s first impeachment on withheld US military aid to Ukraine and Trump’s phone call with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, spoke to DW’s Sarah Kelly from Washington for Conflict Zone.

Credit DW NEWS