The Truth About Russia’s Kornet Missile

Advanced Anti Tank Missile System

Russia claims their most advanced anti tank missile system, the 9M133 Kornet is capable of taking out any main battle tank with a single shot. It’s a man portable Anti Tank Guided Missile which was designed specifically to take out NATO’s Main Battle Tanks and for a period of time it made Russia the most technologically advanced anti tank forces in the world. In the 2014 invasion of Crimea the Kornets destroyed hundreds of Ukrainian tanks in its first wide spread use so you can understand why Russia thought they were headed in the right direction with this weapon. But we’ll see things change quickly on the battlefield. On paper the Kornets looks like the weapon you would want to take into combat but as we’ll see those numbers don’t always match up with the practical realities of using it in the heat of combat.
Recently the Kornet has seen extensive use by Russian forces in the Ukraine Invasion where they say it out matches both the US Javelin and the British NLAW missile. In this video we’re going to examine whether or not that’s true. Can you blame me for being just a little bit skeptical here? Some sources refer to it as a 2nd generation while others will say it’s the third generation. I feel like its more accurate to call it generation 2.5 honestly. I think the reason for this discrepancy is it’s kind of half way between the two since it’s not wire guided, it has a newer laser guided ability but it still lacks an automatic lock on homing feature.
The Kornet is also known as the AT-14 Springgar according to its NATO designation. Springgar is of course as we all know a reference to a legendary creature from Cornish Fairy lore. I assume the NATO officer who came up with that name wanted to show off their obscure pretentious European fairy knowledge. Someone promote that guy.
Credit to : Task & Purpose