The HORRIFIC Executions Of The D-Day Prisoners

Executions Of The D-Day Prisoners

One of the most important and pivotal turning points in World War 2 was the Normandy Invasions or D-Day. As the Allies were storming the different beachheads to the north, inside of the French town of Caen which had been under German occupation for years, a series of brutal executions were being carried out. As the Allies advanced, the Germans were concerned about their prisoners falling into the hands of the enemy, and because of this orders were given by the SD to liquidate the prison population of Caen.

As the fighting and bombing raids intensified around Caen, inside of the prison dozens of former French Resistance members and Allied Airmen were being brought into the courtyard of the prison and were executed. It was said a number of Soviet soldiers had been turned over to the Nazis and were given machine guns to carry out the brutal actions. The youngest victim was just 17, and the oldest was 66. Still today many of the stories of the prisoners of Caen remain untold, and their remains are still lost.
Credit to : TheUntoldPast

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