The BRUTAL Executions Of The German Soldiers Of Kyiv

Massacres at a ravine which was known as Babi Yar

Throughout the Second World War, the German Army committed a number of brutal executions and they slaughtered thousands of people as they gained land across Europe. But inside of Ukraine they would commit a horrific series of massacres at a ravine which was known as Babi Yar. Here over two days they would execute 33,000 people, and would in total execute over 100,000. But after the war had come to an end, the Soviet authorities then sought to punish those who were responsible for the executions.
Some of the senior figures involved in the killings such as Paul Blobel were executed, but inside of Kyiv on a huge gallows which had been created 12 former German soldiers/policemen were executed. There was a huge crowd inside the Ukranian capital to witness the executions and the men were placed on trucks before the executioners did their work. These men were sentenced to death for their involvement in the Babi Yar Massacre.
Join us today as we look at, ‘The Executions Of The German Soldiers Of Kyiv.’
Credit to : TheUntoldPast

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