The Heads Of The Executed French King And Queen

Executed French King And Queen

One of the most shocking moments in History saw the French King Louis XVI being executed on the guillotine in the centre of Paris. The executioner who performed the job to take off the Kings head during the French Revolution would ensure that his head was taken off cleanly, but then the question came as to what to do with the king’s wife, the Queen Marie Antoinette. She was left a widow, and was imprisoned in tough conditions inside of a Paris prison until she was brought to trial and was accused of a huge range of scandalous offences. But on the same guillotine in the same place as her husband had been executed on months before, the Queen’s head was taken off. It was a time of great fear in France, and the executions of the King and Queen showed the anger that the population had. But in this video we’re going to be looking at the work of one woman who held the heads of the King and Queen after they had been cut off. Madame Tussaud is known today for waxworks, but she would following the executions take the heads of the King and Queen and cast masks of their executed heads. This is the heads of the Executed French King and Queen.
Credit to : Her Remarkable History

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