Napoleon: What did he really look like?

Napoleon: What did he really look like?

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Napoleon is truly one of the most outstanding men of all time – his life includes so much vivid detail. He went from bullied Corsican outsider to Emperor of the French, all in under 35 years. He instilled fear in the heart of Europe – seven coalitions attempted to defeat him. But what did he really look like? And what about his troubled yet loving relationship with Josephine? We reveal the history of Napoleon as well as analyze what he and Josephine may have looked like in real life, and then of course reveal some recreations.

Narration & Art: Becca Segovia
Writing, Editing & Music Direction: Andre Segovia

0:00 Introduction
0:29 Napoleon’s Early Life
4:25 Early Military Career
7:30 Napoleon Meets Josephine
8:31 Napoleon’s Middle Career
9:35 Love Letters
10:37 Napoleon’s Domination
12:00 The Napoleonic Code
13:03 Rise to Emperor
15:07 Napoleon & Josephine Divorce
16:33 Invasion of Russia
18:40 First Exile
19:40 Waterloo & Second Exile
20:16 Napoleon’s Legacy
22:27 What did Napoleon & Josephine Look Like?
25:58 Recreations Revealed

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