The Crazy Russian Attack Helicopter With an Ejection Seat

Russian Attack Helicopter

The Kamov Ka-50, also known as the Werewolf or Black Shark, is one of the most unique and versatile rotary-wing aircraft ever produced. The Russian helicopter has risen to fame for its coaxial rotor system, which eliminates the need for a tail rotor and enhances its speed and maneuverability. When introduced, the Black Shark also became the first helicopter to feature an ejection seat. This characteristic made it so popular that the company produced a two-seat variant dubbed the Ka-52 Alligator. Since then, Kamov has come up with different variants with unique features tailored specifically to the buyer, such as the Egyptian Nile Crocodile, with an anti-corrosion coating and an improved cooling system; or the Mud Shark, a naval variant suited for Russian carrier use. The successful Russian helicopter keeps showing its unquestionable prowess, and as long as Kamov keeps updating it with the latest technology, the dangerous predators will continue leaving their mark around the world…

Credit Dark Skies

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