Japan’s Flying Samurai Katana – Viper Zero

Viper Zero

On February 7, 2013, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force was alerted that two foreign aircraft had breached its perimeters. Near Hokkaido, off Rishiri Island, a couple of Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighters had entered their airspace and flown south over the Sea of Japan. Four Mitsubishi F-2 fighters scrambled to visually confirm the presence of the intruders, but after finally spotting them, the small fleet radioed the foreigners and asked them to leave their territory immediately. Russia would eventually deny the incursion and allege that its aircraft were merely conducting routine flights near the disputed territories in the Kuril Islands. But the Russians didn’t count on the impressive capabilities of the new Japanese F-2s and what they were able to do…

Credit Dark Skies