T-14 Armata – Russia’s Latest Tank

T-14 Armata Battle Tank

When Russia first unveiled the T-14 Armata tank to the public in 2015, western militaries took note of next-generation juggernaut’s futuristic and flexible design, which was built to replace several armored ground units. The T-14 Armata has long been discussed in military circles as a contender for the best tank ever made. With state-of-the-art advancements in armor protection, crew survivability, power, communications, and so much more, it is no wonder that the T-14 caused much concern among Western analysts. However, it appears those concerns are unfounded. With little publicly confirmed data and a Russian government tight-lipped about developments, many are left wondering if these audacious claims about the Armata over the past few years are just a farce.


Credit to : Military TV

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