Su-35: a Guest from the Future. The Fastest and the most Manoeuvrable Fighter of the Air Force

Russian Air Force – the SU-35

In this episode of Combat Approved, the viewers will see the fastest and the most maneuverable fighter of the Russian Air Force – the SU-35. It has been adopted not so long ago, but it has already shown to the whole world how far has the Russian Air Force flown into the future.

You’ll learn which aerobatic stunts can this strike aircraft perform. But besides that, we’ll show a completely new stunt, which the Russian military pilots are just learning to perform since the appearance of the Su-35. For the first time, you’ll be able to see its cockpit from the inside, and you’ll learn why there is polyurethane foam inside the fuel tanks. We’ll show you the classified shop floors where they assemble the fighters, and we’ll conduct a unique experiment exclusively for you: we’ll try to hide a helicopter in the sky from the all-seeing eye of the Su-35.

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