SHORT: Russia is Destroying the Ukrainian Army US Spent 8 Years Building

8 Years building up the Military Ukraine

The US and its allies spent 8 years building up the military Ukraine had at the beginning of Russian military operations in February 2022. This is the military Ukraine had that lost the cities of Kherson and Mariupol, and failed to prevent Russian forces now from shaping the battlefield in Donbas creating the conditions for Ukrainian forces there to be cut off, encircled, and systematically destroyed.
After 8 years – this was the best the US and its allies could do to prepare Ukraine. Despite the urgent flood of weapons and money into Ukraine now along with remedial training programs – nothing now can be done better or quicker than over the past 8 years – Russia is removing Ukrainian combat capabilities off the battlefield faster than Ukraine and its allies can replace or regenerate it.
Credit to : The New Atlas