Russian Ops in Ukraine – Ukraine Losing M777 Howitzers, Continues Losing Ground in Donbas

Update for Russian military operations in Ukraine for May 21, 2022

1. Ukrainian militants in the Azovstal steel works have unconditionally surrendered numbering between hundreds (current Red Cross count) to thousands according to Russian sources;
2. Mariupol has been secured by Russia since mid to late-April – Ukraine finally admits however that its “combat operations” have fully ended;
3. Russia continues to make progress in the Donbas region – Ukrainian forces are being encircled in Severodonestsk and Lysychansk – the salient around Papasnya is expanding both west and north as part of this major encirclement;
4. Pentagon admits Russia still poses the majority of its combat power – possess a “numerical advantage” over Ukraine – and is making “slow, uneven” progress, but progress nonetheless;
5. Kharkov “offensive” has either stalled or is in the process of being rolled back;
6. US M777 howitzers have been found, tracked, targeted, and destroyed by Russian forces;
7. Additional attempts to send heavy weapons will face similar technical, tactical, strategic, and manpower challenges;
Credit to : The New Atlas