Putin’s Missiles Strike Kharkiv, Ukraine Kills 500 Russian Soldiers, Belarus’ Covert Mobilisation

Ukraine War

Ukraine’s military claims that it has killed over 500 Russian soldiers in the last 24 hours and destroyed various military equipment. Ukraine’s Air Force said that they have destroyed eight Iranian-manufactured Shahed-136 suicide drones in south and east. Zelensky slammed Russia for mobilising new men for its war and said that Moscow was using them as cannon fodder. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov claims that Russia has only 609 high-precision missiles left. Russian president Vladimir Putin has said that he is not planning more “massive strikes on Ukraine for now”.

The Russian President was also asked whether he had any regrets about his actions in Ukraine and he said “I have no regrets”. UK’s Defence Ministry claims that Russian troops are marching towards the eastern town of Bakhmut. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has reportedly started a covert mobilisation in order to beef up his combat units.

US billionaire Elon Musk has said that SpaceX cannot continue to fund Starlink terminals in Ukraine “indefinitely”. Sweden has rejected plans for a joint investigation with Denmark and Germany over the Nordstream sabotage. #Ukraine #Zelensky #NATO #Biden #Putin #Kherson #Bakhmut #Russia #WorldNews

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