Mobile Mortar Carrier System – Alakran 120mm

Mobile Mortar Carrier

Thanks to a unique technology provided by the ” Alakran120 mm ” System, the infantry elements of the implementation of mortar tasks have become more advanced to effectively perform the tasks for what the ” Songkran 120 mm ” system provides for the ability of Unprecedented 120 mm mortar shells with a target of up to 8.2 km.


🔻 the development of the system supports several different calibers of mortar shells and can be independent and full weight of almost 300 kg to be dragged or paid by any small vehicle or supported on a vehicle as much as a load of 1.5 tons Without the need for any extra struts that operate in an automatic way and become ready to shoot in just 30 seconds by a crew of two people.


The “Songkran 120 mm” has been tested for four rounds per minute for up to 20 minutes without a high barrel temperature of 100°C and that is thanks to reducing temperature by creating a cover around the tube tube. Smooth is born of water drops with a capacity of 100 Micron that evaporates and cool with equivalent to 0.4°C per second.


🔻 System 40 120 mm mortar rounds are located on storage boxes on every aspect of the car and the system supports the latest sensors and control systems with GPS GPS and micro-tilt measures and a device Measuring distances with a digital camera for aim and all of this works in the range of encrypted communications services and always keep the operators of the system in a security situation that has supported the system of circumstantial awareness of the operators of the system, they will be able to know the geographical location and To her at all times.


🔻 it is worth mentioning that the system was developed by the Spanish company “Ntgs” created in October of 2002 and the company is characterized by its dedicated solutions and specialized services that combine design and development for an alternative Makes it able to achieve competition to design, manufacture and maintain complex systems: private vehicles, arms systems, drone platforms, radar systems, sensor networks, visual systems, etc…


Credit to : The Real Deal