Drone + Grenade = $1 Billion Of Damage And 138,000 Tons Of Ammunition Destroyed

Drone Bomber

Ukranian intelligence believes a drone carrying a grenade infiltrated an ammunition dump in eastern Ukraine, setting off an explosion that killed one person and injured five others in March.


About 138,000 tons of ammunition exploded in a military warehouse at a Ukrainian military base in Balakleya, causing $1 billion worth of damage. The SBU, Ukraine’s domestic intelligence service, now believes the explosion was caused by a Russian drone that dropped a thermite hand grenade on the military base. The grenade was able to set off a series of titanic explosions in a warehouse storing large amounts of rockets and ammunition.


Just 60 miles from where the explosion took place, fighting continues at the Russia-Ukraine border. After the March attack, more than 20,000 people were evacuated from Balakleya.


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