Long Range Missiles From US & UK Part Of Ukraine’s Plan to Attack Russia? Belarus Raises Red Flag

Ukraine War

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has warned Kyiv against attacking Russian cities. Lukashenko claims that Zelensky is asking for long-range weapons to attack Russian cities near its border. Lukashenko added that Russia will use “brand-new” weapons against Ukraine if it plans to attack Russian cities. Russia has accused Ukraine of attacking border areas inside its territory, such as the Russian city of Belgorod. Lukashenko accused the West of eyeing Ukrainian territory and said that Minsk will ‘have to react’ to it. Last week, the Belarusian president suggested that his troops may have to fight for the west of Ukraine so that it is “not chopped off by the West”. On June 16, Zelensky called on his officials and military to be alert in case an invasion takes place from the Belarus front.

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