«20 Russian Tanks fought against 6 of our Tanks. We Won and got the «Hero of Ukraine»

Tankers of the 3rd Tank Brigade

«Tank is some real force,» say the tankers of the 3rd Tank Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They are one of those who stopped the advance of the Russians in the area of Izium. According to the results of one of the battles, the company commander Serhii Ponomarenko was awarded the title «Hero of Ukraine.» In that battle, his 6 tanks fought against 20 enemy tanks. They destroyed 9 enemy units and finished the battle without loss of hardware.
There is no competition among Ukrainian tankers who knocked out more Russian tanks. For them, this is not statistics in terms of who knocked out how many vehicles. Because a person’s work stands behind every enemy knocked out the armored vehicle.
There is also a common task: kick the occupiers out of Ukraine. And with every tank lost by the enemy, a few more lives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fighters are saved. At the same time, tankers admit that there is more adrenaline and excitement when they knock out a tank than when they capture enemy hardware. Among those captured, there are two of the latest Russian T80 tanks. They are already used by Ukrainian tankers, destroying enemy military hardware.
After heavy fighting near Izium, a period came when the artillerymen had to work harder. And although now the tankers are lucky to have more rest, they are still preparing for hostilities, especially for the possible Ukrainian advance.
Credit to : hromadske

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