How Tough Are They? The True Size of Russian Defenses in Ukraine – 3D DOCUMENTARY

Russian Defenses in Ukraine with a 3D simulation

In this documentary we bring to life Russian Defenses in Ukraine with a 3D simulation in Unreal Engine. The purpose of this video is to give historical context and analysis for these modern fortifications for people to better understand what the Ukrainian Offensive is up against.

We begin with a quick overview of the war in Ukraine and how the Russian Army came to form a defensive line. We then compare these fortifications to other major defensive projects from history. Broadly speaking this includes border fortresses such as the French Maginot Line of WW1 and Field Fortifications such as Erwin Rommel’s Devils Garden of WW2. From these we determine that Russia’s fortifications in the Ukraine War are more similar to the latter with several key points of overlap.

Next we turn to the specifics of the Russian Defensive line. This begins with a high level overview of the Russian warfront before we zoom into the level of a specific section of the battlefield near Bakhmut. It is at this point that we simulate the Russian Defenses in 3D.

Here we layout the the lines of defense which include minefields, anti-tank traps, infantry trenches, vehicle revetments, artillery positions and more.
Credit to : Invicta

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