How the US Air Force is Preparing for War with China, and Why it Won’t Work

Preparing for War with China

– The US Air Force is attempting a major reorganization in an attempt to better prepare it for a conflict with China;

– This includes reorganizing how the USAF develops and acquires new aircraft and weapons and how its air assets themselves are organized;

– Together with new strategies like “agile combat employment” (ACE) the US seeks to offset China’s growing advantages in both quantity and quality;

– USAF planners are also attempting to overcome what they call the “tyranny of distance” ahead of a conflict the US plans to fight against China along or even within Chinese borders, thousands of miles from American shores;

– The USAF and the US military in general is so busy attempting to figure out how to fight against China in Asia, that little thought has been put into whether this conflict is necessary in the first place;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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