Bold Ukrainian Soldiers Defect To Russia, Joining The Frontline Battle Against Ukraine!

Bold Ukrainian Soldiers Defect To Russia

Many Ukrainian soldiers, including officers, have defected to Russia to fight against the Ukraine army on the frontline Underfire in battle. In a week of huge scandal’s and news from Zelensky, Ukraine and Russia including Zelensky firing Ukraine’s military chief Valery Zaluzhny, tucker Carlson interview of Putin and in the wake of 2 of the deadliest attacks by Ukraine on civilians in Donbass ever I bring you this report where I talk to 6 Ukrainian Soldiers who Defected To Russia, Joining The Frontline Battle Against Ukraine. Hear their story of how they ended up part of the Russian Army after defecting from the Ukraine Army. As they say some crossed over and some where captured but they all came to the conclusion that they were fighting for the wrong side before. One is a 25+ year military veteran. They say they are all now part of the Russian army fighting against Ukraine and are happy about it.
Please watch all and educate yourself.
Credit to : Patrick Lancaster

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