CSIS War Game: US vs China over Taiwan – Provoking War to Preserve US Primacy

Chinese invasion of Taiwan

A look at US-based think tank CSIS’ war game regarding a “Chinese invasion of Taiwan.”

– Western military leaders and the Western media itself suggests China is pushing for war with the US over Taiwan by 2025;

– It is actually the US rushing to war over Taiwan before China’s military and economic power surpasses the US and closes the door indefinitely to Washington’s ability to use its military to coerce and threaten China;

– Taiwan is officially considered by the United States as part of China under the One China policy it itself agreed to with Beijing;

– US arms sales to Taiwan, visits to Taiwan without Beijing’s approval, and even stationing US troops on Taiwan constitute violations of Chinese sovereignty and are deliberate attempts to provoke war;

– US-based think tank CSIS war gamed a scenario in which China is provoked and invades Taiwan;

– CSIS admits Chinese military capabilities are comparable to the US’ but ultimately the US could defeat an attempted amphibious landing on Taiwan;

– CSIS admits Taiwan’s infrastructure and industry would be destroyed but it would maintain its political autonomy, trading its physical existence in to maintain its political existence;

– It is clear the US is simply attempting to disrupt the peaceful reunification of Taiwan with the rest of China and forcing China to pay the highest price possible to defend its sovereignty.

Credit to : The New Atlas