Zelensky turns Blind Eye to Ukraine Army’s Cries? Putin intensifies Bakhmut Onslaught

Bakhmut will Fall

The battle for Bakhmut has taken a brutal turn with Russia pounding the salt mining city in east Ukraine’s Donetsk region with all its might, non-stop. Ukrainian soldiers have complained of shortage of weapons and shells for artillery systems and also lack of training to combat with Russia’s Wagner forces at the frontline. One soldier even told AFP that Bakhmut will fall. Despite the cries for help and U.S.-led West urging Ukraine’s president to retreat from Bakhmut, Volodymyr Zelensky is undeterred. Adamant of winning at any cost, Zelensky has sent more reinforcements to the industrial city. Watch this video to find out more about the current situation in Bakhmut, the scene of fiercest fighting in recent weeks.
Credit to : Hindustan Times