Zelensky Likens Putin’s Invasion To Hitler’s

25 Killed In Kharkiv

Russian forces continued their assault in the Kharkiv region on day 120 of the war. Kharkiv governor Oleh Synehubov said the death toll due to Russian strikes has risen to 25. Pro-Russian rebels claim that Russian forces have surrounded Ukrainian troops south of Lysychansk. Zelensky has compared Putin’s invasion of Ukraine with Hitler’s invasion of Soviet Union. Zelensky also said that it is now a national goal of Ukraine to liberate all of its territories that are under Russian control. Leaders attending the upcoming G7 and NATO summits in Europe will discuss new proposals to put more pressure on Russia. Putin claims that Russia’s powerful S-500 systems are capable of destroying hypersonic missiles. UK PM has said that Russia’s momentum in the war in Ukraine will slow down in the next few months. Ukraine’s former Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan said China is secretly paying Putin to “fight Europeans”. The Russian official who carries President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear briefcase was found shot at in his home near Moscow. Finland’s Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Timo Kivinen has said that the country has prepared for decades for a Russian attack.

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