Zelensky ‘Abandons’ Troops in Bakhmut? Ukrainian Army ‘Without Weapons’ Amid Russian Attacks

Frontline in east Ukraine’s Donetsk region

Ukrainian troops are under pressure amid non-stop Russian attacks near the Bakhmut frontline in east Ukraine’s Donetsk region. News agency TASS quoted the spokesperson for Ukraine’s mechanized brigade Cold Yar, Irina Rybakova telling Rada TV that for the past 14 days, the situation has been critical on the roads leading to the industrial town and it has been difficult for Ukraine soldiers to hold on to the city. Russia-installed head of Donetsk, Denis Pushilin told Rossiya-24 TV that “it’s extremely difficult to supply ammunition and food or bring in any reinforcements along the only road that is now under even tighter fire control by the Wagner PMC.” Meanwhile, 91 kms away from Bakhmut, Russian forces have reportedly also brought five remaining routes to Avdiivka under fire. Watch this video for more on what’s happening along the frontline.
Credit to : Hindustan Times

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