You’ve never seen a Boot like this WW2 Japanese Boot

You’ve never seen a boot like this WW2 Japanese boot

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Japanese WW2 Boot Review – The japanese army made some of the finest boots for their soldiers in world war two and i guarentee you have never seen a historic vintage boot built in this way. I doubt any modern boot maker makes a boot like this. The japanese are known for their love of craft in ever sense whether it’s japanese denim or japanese boots or japanese cars or japanese anything. So i bought a pair to cut in half to see how they are built and if the japanese had the best boots in WW2.

0:00 Intro
2:12 Previous WW2 Boots
3:15 Types of Japanese WW2 Boots
3:58 Leather Info
4:21 Pig vs Cow Leather
5:25 Pros and Cons of Pigskin
6:04 What are the Stamped Numbers
6:46 What is This Tab?
7:09 No Lining?
7:26 More Simplicity Details
7:54 What is This Hole For?
8:15 Sole Construction
9:07 Complicated Construction
9:23 What is a Blake Stitch
10:20 What is a Stitchdown Construction
11:08 What is a Blake Rapid Stitch
13:50 Cut in Half
14:56 What’s Inside
15:30 Insole Info
16:25 Japanese Craftsmanship Products
16:46 Someone Collab With Me on These Boots
17:44 White’s Collab Info

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Credit to : Rose Anvil

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