Xi Jinping authorizes ‘non-war’ operations by Chinese Troops

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Chinese leader Xi Jinping has signed a directive allowing for “non-war” military operations by China”s armed forces. According to the country”s state media, the signed order takes effect today. The move comes after Russia invaded Ukraine under the guise of a “special military operation.” Analysts fear the directive could pave the way for a similar, “non-war” invasion of Taiwan. Hsu Chih-hsiang Institute for National Defense and Security Research Russia used the pretext of a “special military operation” to invade Ukraine. Is there a chance that China will follow suit? I believe that there is. China’s intent to invade Taiwan, and its territorial claims on Taiwan, have never diminished. They have lots and lots of pretexts for making a move, including the one we’ve been hearing about – the claim that the Taiwan Strait is its territory. Or that the median line of the Taiwan Strait does not exist. Actually this isn’t the first time we’ve heard these claims.

Credit Formosa News

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