WW2 Nazi Newsreel: German Offensive On Russian Front

Newsreel Russian Front

1) MS-SCU Ger. tanks pass followed by trucks, etc.-SV.
2) LS-SCU Russian planes, Ger. 20MM crews fire, use rangefinder.
3) MS-SCU Ger. woman with soldiers passes ammo.
4) SHS Germans at outpost, crouch in mud.
5) GV Ger. rockets launched (good).
6) MS-SCU Infantry fire guns, follow tanks, armored cars.
7) LS Russian infantry approaches, flak bursts overhead.
8) MS-SCU Russian soldiers surrender, prisoners pass, carry wounded.
9) GV Ger. rockets launched, large area rocket bursts (good)-SV
10) MS Goering, Hitler, Jodl, Adm. Raeder in conference.
11) MS Pilot enters FW190, taxis, takes off.
12) LS Russian plane falls, burns.
13) MS Ger. tank, troops, trucks, supplies, etc. pass.
14) GV Germans retreat in Russia; blow bldgs., railroads, etc.” National Archives Identifier: 76991
Credit to : WWIIPublicDomain

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