Wittmann’s Tiger Rampage | Villers-Bocage, June 1944

Wittmann’s Tiger Rampage |

In the space of 15 minutes, Michael Wittmann took a single Tiger tank and stopped a major British advance, destroying 10 tanks, 10 halftracks, 8 Bren carriers, 1 scout car and a six-pounder anti-tank gun in the process.

An eye-catching achievement… But was this a victory handed on a plate?

John Delaney outlines Wittmann’s audacious and decisive action at Villers Bocage against the British Desert Rats, examining its military significance.

It’s become the stuff of legend. It was a gift to Nazi propagandists, who wasted no time in championing the achievements of their “tank ace”. For the British, it was an embarrassing blow to military prestige.

Wittmann got lucky. But luck runs out eventually…

00:00 | Introduction
00:42 | Arrival into Villers-Bocage
03:08 | Wittmann’s Rampage Begins
04:51 | Rampaging Through the Village
11:56 | Wittmann’s Luck Runs Out
14:09 | Was Wittmann Really a Tank Ace?
16:54 | Conclusion

This video features archive footage courtesy of British Pathé.

◈ Created by The Tank Museum

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Credit to : The Tank Museum

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