Will the Abrams Tank Face a Similar Fate to the Leopard Tank in Ukraine

M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine

After the US officials had been initially reluctant to send M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, the US then declared it would send 31 of the 70-ton Abrams main battle tanks, while Germany committed to sending 14 Leopard 2 tanks.

According to Konstantin Sivkov, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, the M1 Abrams and Leopard 2 tanks that the West intends to provide to Ukraine will be ineffective in the region without adequate protection. In an interview with the Turkish newspaper Aydinlik, he emphasized that while these tanks are powerful vehicles, their effectiveness is dependent on being backed by fighter jets, robust defense, and artillery support. Sivkov also pointed out that the Leopard tanks have previously encountered issues in Syria. Also, it was recently reported that the Leopard 2 was successfully destroyed by Russia’s Lancet system.

Given that Russia’s loitering munition has achieved its initial victory over a heavily praised Leopard 2 tank which has been hailed as a wonder weapon by the media, some questions come to mind: Will the American Abrams tank suffer the same fate as the destroyed Leopard 2? Or, will it change the tide of the war over Russia?
Credit to : Military TV

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