Why Won’t Hungary and Turkey Let Sweden into NATO? Inside the the Alliance’s Bizarre Unanimity Rule

Hungary and Turkey Let Sweden into NATO

Sweden has been trying to join NATO for what seems like forever now, but still to no avail. What’s the hold up? This video examines the direct answer: Hungary and Turkey have reservations. However, that explanation raises the question of why NATO ever designed an application system where a single country can stall the entire process. We then trace the origins of NATO’s unanimity rule for membership, how NATO states work around it, and some of its hidden benefits.

0:00 Sweden Tries to Join NATO
1:08 Why Hungary Doesn’t Want Sweden in NATO
2:02 Why Turkey Doesn’t Want Sweden in NATO
4:36 NATO’s Unanimity Rule for Membership Expansion
6:03 Why NATO Requires Unanimity
7:33 Fishing for Inducements
9:50 Punishing Nay Votes
11:17 Can NATO Kick Out Hungary or Turkey?
13:51 The Vienna Convention: A Treaty for Treaties
15:21 Fake NATO
16:37 The Hidden Benefits of the Unanimity Rule

Credit to : William Spaniel

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