Why the Reds WON the Russian Civil War against the Whites

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The Russian Civil War occured after the Russian Revolution (February Revolution and the October Revolution). In this conflict the Reds fought against the Whites. Also many nationalist factions as well as armed peasants were involved. The Reds were led by Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, the latter founded the Red Army. The White leaders acted largely independently from each other: Admiral Alexander Kolchak in the east; General Nikolay Yudenich and Colonel Pavel Bermondt-Avalov in the north-west; General Anton Denikin in the North Caucasus and the Don region; General Pyotr Wrangel in the Crimea; warlords or ‘Atamans’ like Grigory Semenov or Roman von Ungern-Sternberg in Siberia and southern Russia.

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