Why the KA-52 is a Formidable Threat to Ukraine’s Tanks

KA-52 is a Formidable Threat

The rumble of the Ukraine-Russia conflict has turned the spotlight on a fearsome predator: the Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter. Touted by the Kremlin as the “world’s best gunship”, this chopper has been making waves, especially in the south, where it has been chomping down on Ukrainian armor like a reptilian diner.

As Kyiv’s counter-offensive progresses, there are reports of increased deployment of Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters targeting Ukraine’s Western armor, such as Bradley fighting vehicles and Leopard 2 tanks. Military buffs and defense experts are buzzing about the Ka-52’s ability to crack Ukrainian tanks where traditional air defenses struggle.

Take, for instance, a June 2023 incident that grabbed attention. The Russian Ministry of Defense dropped a cockpit video showing a Ka-52 effortlessly taking down two Ukrainian tanks in just 25 seconds using Anti-Tank Guided Missiles-ATGMs launched from the air.

Some folks argue that the tanks might have been left deserted, but the video clearly puts the Ka-52’s firepower on display and hints at its potential to tip the scales. Even the UK Ministry of Defence is impressed, calling it ”

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Credit to : Military TV

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