Why Don’t they Build it Today? The Most Brilliant Aircraft Design Ever

Brilliant Aircraft Design

During warfare, transport aircraft perform highly dangerous missions moving personnel, equipment, and vital supplies to keep fighters and bombers aloft. However, the loading and unloading stages of the missions can often take a long time, leaving both the precious cargo and the personnel extremely vulnerable to attacks. As the C-119, a powerful Fairchild cargo aircraft emerged during the Korean War, the engineers believed it could be further enhanced with detachable pods to expedite the process. This led to the experimental contract of the XC-120 Packplane, a converted C-119 with a detachable cargo compartment. One of the most unconventional aircraft of the postwar era, Fairchild believed that the removable fuselage transport plane would have radical implications in the field of military logistics, as well as subsequent civilian applications such as portable hospitals, radar stations, command centers, airport control towers, communication centers, and even shelters for Arctic rescue work. For a moment in time, the possibilities were endless… –

Credit Dark Spies

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