Why Do Many Modern Tanks Have Shot Traps

Why Do Many Modern Tanks Have Shot Traps

Ever wondered why even the meanest machines on the battlefield, the heavily armoured tanks, can still be vulnerable to a well-placed shot? It’s not because their armor isn’t impressive, it’s enough to shrug off most attacks. But a sneaky design challenge called a “shot trap” can turn a deflected enemy round into a critical hit.

Imagine a tank charges into battle, its thick hide deflecting an enemy shell. But instead of bouncing harmlessly away, the round catches an unlucky angle and ricochets right into the tank’s vulnerable underbelly, spelling disaster for the crew. That’s a shot trap in action.

The thing is, even the most advanced armour on today’s tanks is not completely shot trap-proof. It’s indeed a never-ending tug of war for tank designers to build an impenetrable fortress while keeping the tank nimble enough to fight.

How do the designers deal with this? Well, today we are going to tackle a crucial question: why even the mightiest tanks have these weak points called shot traps? We will explore why they exist, the engineering headaches they cause, and the tightrope walk designers need to take to balance a tank’s armour with its battlefield bite.
Credit to : Military TV

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