Why Did Ukraine Fail to Achieve Independence After the First World War?

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How did Ukraine became part of the Soviet Union? In this history of Ukraine it happened because Ukraine failed to secure its independence in the post WW 1 chaos that occured in Central and Eastern Europe after the Armistice. After the Russian Revolution (1917) the Ukrainian People’s Republic (also known as the Ukrainian National Republic; the UNR) is established. When Bolshevik Russia and Germany signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk it left Ukraine in the German sphere of influence. Apart from the UNR the West Ukrainian People’s Republic was established in Eastern Galicia. This republic was soon overrun by the Polish forces in the Polish–Ukrainian War (1918 – 1919). Meanwhile White Russian troops fought against the Red (as part of the Russian Civil War). The White Russian forces were attacked by the Black Army of Nestor Machno: the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine who ruled the so-called Free Territory of Ukraine.

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